International Style Room Set

High-end bespoke industry delivery times are usually around 10 weeks +, and with the backlog of work, this is by no means a minimum. With this in mind, we are currently offering several packages of room sets, designed to be delivered and “ready to go” for high quality, stylish interiors.

Introducing the ‘International Style’ Room Set. Striking and eye-catching, this room set is definitely for the bold and confident! With the emphasis on unusual forms and luxury materials, the antique finish Persian carpet with deep oceanic tones provides a background for a style inspired by the fashionable Italian interiors of the 1950s-1970’s. Guam lounge chairs with their raked back legs and sumptuous animal print velvet are mirrored by Key West revolving armchairs in decadent silk with a strong graphic floral print. The Trinidad coffee table and sofa table are executed in contemporary black gunmetal and exotic Italian marbles. Pride of place is taken by the amazing Template sofa, upholstered in a geometric Art Deco-inspired silk with accessorizing cushions. Completing the scene is the extraordinary Sunrise chandelier, soft folds of velvet around a sensual gold core. 

Featuring the following furniture items –

Roberto Cavalli Template Sofa

Roberto Cavalli Key West Armchair

Roberto Cavalli Sioraf Lamp

Roberto Cavalli Guam Chair

Roberto Cavalli Trinidad Coffee Table

Roberto Cavalli Sunrise Chandelier

Antique Look Rug