Classic Style Room Set

High-end bespoke industry delivery times are usually around 10 weeks +, and with the backlog of work, this is by no means a minimum. With this in mind, we are currently offering several packages of room sets, designed to be delivered and “ready to go” for high quality, stylish interiors.

Introducing the Classic Style Room Set. Based around the traditional concepts of lounge furniture but with a modern twist, the 3 seat Blake Sofa  – in Chesterfield style with a softer edge – is paired with Berchet wing chairs of substantial proportions. Anchored by the faded tones of a classic Persian all-over field rug, the look is finished with the architectural presence of the Wire 2 table, in metal and marble. The mixed materials and textures are given added interest by the use of one of this year’s most popular colours, rust.

Featuring the following furniture items –

Blake Sofa

Berchet chairs

Garous Rug

Wire 2 tall

Wire 2 wide

Dummy lamp

Daring hanging lamp x 3