Art Deco Style Dining Room Set

High-end bespoke industry delivery times are usually around 10 weeks +, and with the backlog of work, this is by no means a minimum. With this in mind, we are currently offering several packages of room sets, designed to be delivered and “ready to go” for high quality, stylish interiors.

With shades of the Great Gatsby, this Art Deco-inspired dining room places a strong emphasis on luxury finishes, based around exotic Macassar ebony veneers. A precious wood, it has been long valued for the decorative geometry of the natural grain, varying from deep black through to a flame red. A circular natural hide carpet, of unusual Gnu sits beneath one of the jewels of the Cavalli collection, the stunning B52 dining table. Glistening brass details manufactured at the Cavalli jewelry workshops in Florence set off the pure geometry of the Hide Park cabinets. The final touch is the pure lines of the Golden Bridge console set, perfect for accessorizing with flowers or lamps. The whole room set sits beneath the sleek splendour of the sophisticated Kyla lamp. 

2  x Hide park macassar cabinets

B52 Dining table

Gnu circular rug

2 x City armchairs in Crocco leather

4 x City chairs in Champagne fabric

2 x Golden bridge macassar consoles

Tiziano macassar side table

Kyra hanging lamp