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Interior trends and business after COVID

Maybe it’s a bit early to start predicting what the world will look like after lockdown, and given that there are still many people suffering from the symptoms and long term repercussions of COVID it might be considered inopportune to even discuss this subject. However, it is certainly the question on everybody’s lips, “when will it finish” and “how do we go forward from here”

Not every business has suffered negatively from the various lockdowns, tiers and restrictions – time and again the success of Amazon, the supermarkets etc have been wheeled out, but it could be argued that the circumstances and a kind of perverse fortune favoured their businesses at this time. It was not really through adaptation and flexibility that they have flourished, more of the market being directed to them and the shrinkage of all the alternatives.

Many small business have proved flexible and enterprising, and even if they are not making more money, they are probably doing enough to survive and come out the other side, perhaps even stronger. Certainly many bricks and mortar establishments have been forced to improve and rethink their e-commerce and digital offers – often something that was in the pipeline anyway, and that has had to be prioritized and brought forward at a far faster speed.

It is maybe too early to delve into the analytics of how different sectors have been affected by the pandemic, but it is very clear that the greater the level of social interaction required, the more likely the negative effect. The travel industry, hospitality, nightlife, live music, the arts and sport have taken an unprecedented hit, and it seems very unlikely any of these will return in the form we saw them a year or so ago. Of course they will still exist, but in a slimmed-down form that may take many years to fill out again, if ever.

The interior design industry, furniture trade and homewares market straddle the extremes of these examples, in that in certain circumstances sales can only really be made face-to-face and with the clients present, while other parts of the industry can certainly be conducted virtually, across computer screens or via emails and SMS. Kings of Chelsea has always been a business that is very keen to place customer service at the heart of its operations, which invariably means creating trust via ongoing relationships and repeat custom. Certainly, large design projects and even the purchase of bespoke or tailored furniture often requires face-to-face meetings to make sure the fine details are noted and observed.

It seems to be the case from various conversations and market information, that Interior Design and homeware sales have entered a kind of hiatus, where ongoing projects require completion, but new commissions are currently postponed until the market opens up again fully. Certainly many people have been making improvements and tweaking their interiors during lockdown (this could certainly be identified as a “trend” in that “cocooning” has become increasingly relevant) but mainly through renovation rather than redecoration.

The amount of time that people have been spending indoors and the increased level of attention that is therefore drawn to the interior will surely mean that improvements are discussed and noted. It seems very likely that when the market “opens up” again, there will be a substantial number of people that will want an interior refresh, if not a complete overhaul. Most of us, at some time or another will have realised that certain parts of our homes could look better, and it just hasn’t always been possible to attend to this – or perhaps prioritize it in light of other matters.

Kings of Chelsea have the facility to create imaginative and original concepts for virtual designs, from a single room to a full home interior. Our in-house team would be able to work with you virtually to create and reconfigure existing spaces or propose new ones. It is perhaps worth considering this now, in light of the fact that when “normal” returns, there will be a vast amount of people planning the same thing.

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