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New linens for Spring!

There is something very reassuring and uplifting about the purchase or upgrade of bed linen for the New Year. At the same time as rolling out those resolutions, there’s the fresh sense of the new and the clean when changing the covers and replacing them with examples straight out of the box.

At Kings of Chelsea we currently have many fantastic deals on Roberto Cavalli linen, with great discounts and amazing designs. As covered in a previous blog, many of these designs were limited for a single season so are available in only small quantities and will become desirable and collectible as they head towards being “vintage”. Made with fine Italian cotton, the quality of the fibre and the definition and complexity of the prints are second to none. The home division of Cavalli is inextricably linked with the fashion division, and the creative director for home works alongside the main Cavalli figurehead. Some of the patterns were designed by Roberto Cavalli himself, and the archived designs are often imaginatively rethought and reconfigured for subsequent seasons.

Just like Cavalli tableware, the linen collections are designed to be mixed and matched – with some core collections acting as a neutral backdrop to the riots of colours and patterns that are available. Cavalli has always been a flamboyant and individualistic brand, favoured by those with a bold and personal taste. The linen collections draw on the natural world, jewellery, leisure and society for the imagery and iconology. Bright colours and unrestrained fantasy mean that the bathroom or bedroom can be transformed from the dullest to the most sensational spaces.

Browse the collection here and find a design that suits your personality, and at the same time, find a great deal. If you require advice or any technical information please do not hesitate to contact us