Kings of Chelsea


The Well-Dressed Table

Now is a great time to purchase high quality tableware from Kings of Chelsea with reductions of up to 50% off certain ranges, as investing in fine porcelain and glassware means years of pleasure. The very best manufacturing techniques mean that bright colours in the glazes are retained, and gilded details on flatware for instance, won’t wear out quickly. Roberto Cavalli works with many of the best artisan creators in Italy to bring stylish and durable items with a view to building a collection over time.

As with fashion ranges in clothing, collections are often interrelated, and the Cavalli tableware is designed to complement elements of previous collections.

Core designs such as Silk Gold and Monogramma are timeless, and will sit happily with almost any other design, but for the bolder, or those who like to ring the changes, Rose Jewel and Eden for instance are very strong, and will command a very striking presence.

When setting a table, it can be a good idea to have a base collection of plain white or block colour tableware which can then support many other designs as it will not clash with them. Alternatively, Cavalli has always been a strong advocate of a “maximalist” aesthetic, where there are no fixed rules, and if a design is strong enough, it can also hold its own against other complex patterns. The last few seasons of tableware designs have been underpinned by a “mix and match” principle where the prints when amalgamated together create a riot of colour and design. Minimalism can have its place, but there are two sides to every coin!

For a fully dressed table, there are many designs of glass, ranging from cocktail shapes such as the highball and old-fashioned, through to water and fine wine glasses, designed to emphasize the bouquet of exquisite vintages. Cutlery is designed to complement with an acid-etched animal pattern, finished in stainless steel or gold plate. The porcelain serveware offers almost endless combinations with chargers/underplates all the way through to sideplates as well as tureens, serving dishes and even Arabic teacups.

Should you choose to, the table could be groaning with an exceptional and stunning arrangement for you and your guests, which adds to the spectacle and theatre of a good meal. We all know the attention to detail that distinguishes a good restaurant from a great one, and this is something that can also be translated to the home.

If you need advice or input on how to set or stage a sensational table, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are very happy to guide you through the ways to create a beautiful dining environment, from two to twenty or more! If your budget is limited it’s a great time to start collecting a few pieces at a time and then adding to the service as and when the budget allows. This is a classic way of building a setting for a larger party or function.