Kings of Chelsea

Substantial Discounts on Roberto Cavalli Home products

It’s a great opportunity to grab a real bargain at the moment from Kings of Chelsea. As the Boxing Day rush to the sales wasn’t possible, there are even deeper discounts available online. As the largest retailer of Roberto Cavalli Home in Europe, there’s a comprehensive choice across various categories.

A proudly Italian company, Roberto Cavalli has their home ranges where possible made by artisans across Italy, finding craftsmen in glass, linen and furniture manufacturing at the very highest level. Gilded accents use real gold and silver, cotton is of the very best quality with high thread counts, and the finish of all products is of true luxury quality.

All items are made in fairly small quantities, as Roberto Cavalli has chosen to have a tight and exclusive distribution network. Though a global brand, it is still only possible to purchase Cavalli through a number of boutiques and selected retailers. Kings of Chelsea is one of the very few locations both physically and online to carry these ranges.

As with all high fashion brands, Roberto Cavalli prints and patterns are changed each season, and new designs are introduced, or classic designs reinvented. The same approach is true of the home ranges, and furniture, wallpaper, linen, tiles, glass and tableware all reflect the current look of the brand. Certain designs become established as “classics” and remain within the range, but others exist only for a single season. This is especially true of the linen ranges.

Those with an interest in vintage fashion or collecting design will know that getting your hands on rarer pieces can be very difficult and comes at a price. The amount of a particular product in circulation is limited, and depends entirely on how many were created initially. Small editions or limited production means greater desirability later in the product’s life cycle. As Roberto Cavalli Home changes the designs so regularly and removes designs from circulation, it means that some designs were only produced for a single season, making them potentially collectible in the future.

The ranges currently on sale are a mixture of limited and classic ranges and some will not be available for purchase ever again. As a recognized high fashion brand creating luxury products, it’s very likely that some of these will become collectible in their own right in years to come. Deep discounts mean an opportunity to invest in beautiful homewares either for now or potentially even for the future.

See the sale ranges here and keep an eye out for new designs coming to market in 2021