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Off the peg interiors for stylish and simple solutions

It might seem to fly in the face of logic to talk about “off the peg” interiors as something to strive for in a characterful space but we wouldn’t think twice about this in the case of clothes, watches, cars, bags or any of the trappings of luxury goods. Sure, bespoke is an aspiration, but not always possible – Lamborghini, Hermes, Armani – are unlikely to offer bespoke across too many ranges – it pays to keep a hierarchy in their business plans! 

In the case of Interior Design and Home Furnishings, each project is likely to demand a specific solution or interpretation for the space. However, this is not always the case, and there is also a strong market for pre-designed interior packages, especially within the development sector. It can take a long time and many meetings and consultations to reach the final design and purchase list for an entire residence. Sourcing and delivery can add enormous amounts of addition time. It’s not unknown for complicated projects (and this doesn’t even include architectural interventions) to take several years. 

High end furniture even chosen from catalogues will frequently take around 8-12 weeks as it is unlikely to be kept in stock. The running costs of a business that sits on a warehouse full of expensive goods are immense, and this is no longer standard practice. 

Certain Interior Designers, especially those with a “house style” will have templates for rooms in their portfolios, and by simply switching out a few finishes or pieces, they can tweak a generic look to suit each project. This is a double-edged sword – it can mean great efficiency, but it may mean that some soul or individuality is lost across multiple sites.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors has a very individualistic approach to design, and though catalogues and shows demonstrate how the items can be used, the styling is there for guidance only and both the team in Italy and the team here in the UK work with individuals to find optimal solutions. At the moment, we have the rare situation of four room sets that are available “off the peg” which have been designed especially for global homes, with timeless yet contemporary styling. Each of them can be integrated into both modern or period architecture, utilising exotic and luxury materials. 

Currently each room is offered at a special ex-showroom price of around 50% off, an amazing discount for this level of craftsmanship and design. They offer a fast, extremely stylish way to achieve this look at the same time as securing a fantastic deal.

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