Kings of Chelsea

Introducing Our In-House Interior Designer – Nupur Tandon

We have a new lead interior designer here at Kings of Chelsea, and we’re excited to introduce you to her. Having worked with properties of up to £250 million, as well as with subcontractors of renowned designers such as Nicholas Haslam and Candy & Candy, Nupur has a wealth of experience in the interior design sector. We decided to ask her a few questions to give you a good idea of how she works and what inspires her…

What inspired you to work with interiors? 

I was raised in an environment where for two generations my family were involved in furniture manufacturing (specializing in classic furniture).As a result , I was introduced to carpenters, weavers (chair caning and seat weavers) and handmade techniques of furniture-making very early. To be fully immersed, I read a lot about art movements, design and designers from around the world. I completed my masters from Istituti Callegari. For me this path was natural, design for me is part of my DNA. 

Which is the most exciting project you’ve worked on and why?  

The latest project is always the most exciting! I am currently working on some conceptual schemes for a private client with Kings of Chelsea where we have put together sketches for bespoke built-in units, FF&E and artworks. 

It allows us to work on the drawings, sketches, sourcing and specifying the different material finishes, textures, tones etc. It is also an opportunity to work with numerous suppliers, artists and bespoke manufacturers to come up with the solutions that match the exact needs of the clients. 

Which designers are you influenced by the most? 

There are so many designers I am drawn to who use a blend of vintage, eclectic pieces often paired with a more modern and contemporary design. I think this is how I would describe my design aesthetic, and something I am always drawn to. 

I am always impressed by Kelly Wearstler’s work – I like the way she pushes the boundaries and challenges the rules in layering of different materials, colours, forms, patterns and juxtaposition of vintage and contemporary is something that sparks excitement for me. 

My other go-to designers are Joseph Dirand and Christian Liaigre who inspire me a lot with an ‘art de vivre’ and their incomparable elegance in the interiors.

What defines luxury design to you

It is a unification of culture, lifestyle and history. Exploring innovative solutions, working with refined materials and craftsmanship defines luxury design to me. Something that connects the clients’ past and present ideas and visions together. For me the overall goal is to create an atmosphere that make people happy, that expresses what they really enjoy. The most important quality in luxury design is that it should reflect the client’s ideas & their interests in the most beautiful and functional way possible.

What is your favourite hobby/activity that helps your creativity?

I spend a lot of my time reading design blogs on topics like International cross-cultural design influences. Also studying Artisan craftsmanship from South-Eastern Asia, rich materials, paisley motifs, and carved details in the design elements.

I find a lot of inspiration on Instagram and other online sources. It’s a gateway of getting instant solutions and an access to online portfolio of work to get inspired. 

I love to travel and explore art galleries as it gives me access to different styles and heritage. 

What are your favourite furniture pieces at Kings of Chelsea? 

I would say the Blake sofa for its buttoned back that reminds of the long history associated with the Chesterfield sofa to become a highly sought-after item of furniture for homeowners from every corner of the world. The version that we have in Roberto Cavalli has a contemporary profile and soft velvets that can act as a centrepiece in any interiors scheme. It’s also attractive how it looks with the washed-out vintage silk rug as it is currently set at our showroom at Kings of Chelsea. 

Also with its elegant height and soft profile Guam chair is one of my favourite accent armchairs that stands out and challenges you visually as a designer.