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Enjoying a Cup of Mazawattee Tea with the Zebrage Collection

Did you know that drinking hot tea can actually cool you down? Some of the hottest countries in the world are avid tea drinkers, so don’t let the current tropical climate deter you from enjoying your favourite brew!

We’ve been enjoying the tasty teas from veteran brand Mazawattee Tea, which works wonderfully with our Roberto Cavalli Zebrage range. The brand has been going since the 1850’s and has just recently introduced itself back into the market. You can read more about it’s intriguing history here.

The Roberto Cavalli Zebrage range is a stylish zebra print tableware collection, that manages to be both timeless and on trend. Mazawatee Tea’s branding is rooted in the iconic zebra print due to the teas initial arrival being in a carriage drawn by zebras!

You can shop the Zebrage via our website here. Happy tea drinking!