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A Modern Approach to Design

When discussing Interior Design, there is no one single “style” and neither is there a set or formulaic way to approach a project or a space. Every site, room, client and mood is different – this is what actually makes the discipline so interesting and flexible. Many interiors also evolve organically – that is to say, that a beautiful, balanced interior may have not been “designed” – with the addition of objects, furniture, replanning of the space, a kind of equilibrium can occur. It is not necessary to have an interior designer to be able to achieve a stunning space, but sometimes it is incredibly valuable to consult someone with expertise, contacts, and perhaps most importantly, experience of other projects.

interior design concept

Most of the very best interiors have been a synergy of the requirements and personality of the property owner/patron, and the considered and creative input of the designer. Of course, certain projects will have an imported “look” that the designer is known for and is able to replicate again and again, but arguably, the most successful and well considered designers within the industry are the ones who with each commission amaze and surprise, while always maintaining a high standard of quality and finish. Some design studios will promote or market a “look” that is close to being a “house style” which can often be identified to a certain extent in each and every project, taking standard traits and repeated tropes, sometimes used inappropriately for the site. Sensitivity and a nuanced approach with respect for the client and the space are the hallmarks of a thoughtful and engaged designer.

A knowledgeable and professional designer will also have a profound understanding of both historical precedents (for example, Art Deco is a style that is often emulated but rarely captured accurately) and contemporary trends and styles, so that they are able to pick from the visual buffet of all that has gone before and all that is current. Knowledge is power in this industry as in so many others.

A collection of images from various Kings of Chelsea interior design projects

Being able to communicate this knowledge is a vital piece of the jigsaw, as often the client has a look or feeling in mind, but does not have the visual vocabulary or specialism to be able to get this across. Precise verbal description, but perhaps more importantly, visual stimuli, are the  key tools in the initial stages of the creative process, but are also vital to the ongoing success of any project as tweaks and amendments are par for the course. A sound working relationship between client and designer or design team is fundamental to achieving excellent final results.

At Kings of Chelsea we have a small team with a multi-disciplinary background, taking in Interior Design, Luxury Retail and Art History. Our lead designer has experience with properties up to £250 million and has worked with big hitters such as Nicholas Haslam and Candy & Candy amongst others.  The combination of these combined skill sets mean that we are able to offer both informed advice as well as creative thinking and inspired industry sourcing. 

Kings of Chelsea interior design with Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors

Initial consultations are complimentary, whether at the showroom or at your property/project and we are delighted to propose unusual and unexpected selections of furniture, finishes and elevations. Our mission is to guide you towards the different and the unique, which is also why we enjoy the challenge of bespoke commissions. The market is moving towards a fully bespoke environment, as with the home becoming the centre of many people’s lived experience, it becomes even more important to make it visually and physically a great match to the owner. In addition, our knowledge and contacts within the antiques and collectible design sector mean we are able to source remarkable pieces to complement your interiors.

Get in touch with us soon, and let us take you on a journey to open up new possibilities for your imagination and your home –