Kings of Chelsea

Commissioning an Interior Design Project – An Introduction

It may be the case that you have a beautiful new property or want to refresh or renovate an established home, but utilising the services of an Interior Designer is sometimes an excellent solution if you are either time-poor or need some support to bring your ideas to life. 

Interior Designers/Interior Decorators/Interior Architects are subtly different disciplines which offer levels of engagement that range from simply considering colour schemes and soft furnishings, through to rearrangements and additions of architectural elements such as walls and ceilings. 

At Kings of Chelsea in addition to the original offer of a semi-bespoke furniture brand  (it’s possible to select finishing, fabrics and even alter proportions ) the next step was to add a fully bespoke choice and to offer additional services around the core brand of Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors. The beautiful furniture is easy to fall in love with when viewed in the showroom, but imagining it in a different setting, and in your own interior, can sometimes be a jump. Similarly, conceiving a sofa or chair in a different tone and with a slightly altered shape is a very hard thing to do without seeing the finished item.

It has long been a conundrum within the furniture industry of how to present these choices in a way that is reassuring and easily understood. Recent technology has moved very quickly and the use of 3d modelling and VR now allows possibilities previously considered impossible. It is now even possible to create digital versions of an existing room and drop the selected furniture, wallpapers and  tones into this space.

A good Interior Designer will also be able to sketch by hand the initial concept and to be able to present the feeling of a space simply through the use of pen, ink and wash. Many clients are drawn to this very personal approach, and it does not look as though this facet of the industry is necessarily going to die out.

At Kings of Chelsea we have a slightly different approach to the service, because as retailers we don’t charge for the Interior Design service itself, it is integrated within the cost provided that furniture and products are ordered through us. Our core brands mean we have a strong relationship with the manufacturer and will be able to source these items often exclusively. Creating visual models carries a premium, but this can be offset against the value of the final order.

The consultation process usually starts with a meeting at the showroom or a telephone conversation to establish the clients requirements and why we are a good choice for them. Often, this is based around the fact that we work with premium brands such as Cavalli, Etro and Ferre and are the only showroom in the UK where this expertise is available. As well as these brands, we have an official dealership with Swarovski and strong contacts with their bespoke division. 

There is no charge for this initial consultation, and we can make site visits or work from plans if available for us to view. After this, we are able to create sketches and proposals of moods either with a conceptual presentation or a mood board. This is usually the point at which a client will be won over by our ideas and the fact that we put quality at the centre of any concept. Budgets are also discussed at this time, still in a loose way.

We would encourage you to consider this option, as it is a free service and we have a team with great imaginations and excellent industry contacts to be able to source unusual and unexpected products and finishes. We have worked on single rooms through to whole properties, so the scale of the project is up to you. We can even help with one-off bespoke furniture pieces for a particular position or requirement.

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