Kings of Chelsea

Introducing the New Roberto Cavalli Tableware of 2020

We have some stunning new Roberto Cavalli wall plates to show you. These fabulous wall plates are available as a set of six or individually, and each design is inspired by animals/animal prints in true Cavalli fashion.

The optical zebra designs offer a playful take on the classic zebra print. Inspired by psychedelic patterns of the 60’s, these monochrome patterns are adorned with real gold detailing, making them all the more special.

We also have a few designs that are focused on snakes and snake patterns, this is a common theme within the Cavalli fashion and interior designs. The snake is often misunderstood to be a negative symbol that is assosiated with temptation and deceit, but actually many beleive that if you see a snake it will bring you good luck. Other positive snake symbolism meanings include rebirth, fertility, immortality and healing.

As well as wall plates, we have some exquisite flower pot designs. These are a must have for plant and style lovers! Choose from the classic azulejos design, garden’s birds or gold zebra.