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The Timeless Art of Murano Artisan Glass

When thinking about the very finest glass, two main locations spring immediately to mind – for cut & moulded lead crystal it’s Bohemia (now concentrated in the Czech Republic and Austria) and for unique artistic blown glass it’s Italy, specifically Murano. A small island off of Venice, Murano has been producing the very finest mouth blown glass since around 1291 when glassmakers were moved from Venice to Murano as concerns about the furnaces setting fire to the city’s predominantly wooden structures. A large export trade began, and Murano became Europe’s foremost glassmaking centre for almost five centuries. A decline in the trade in the eighteenth century meant a reduction in volume produced but not quality, and even today the glass produced on Murano is considered the best in the world. Famous studios and workshops such as Venini, Salviati & Barovier are household names and many current glass companies have a prestigious heritage.

Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors have worked with several of the very best manufacturers and a skilful collaboration between the designers of the brand and the artisans within the workshops have delivered an amazing collection of shapes and forms. The joy of glass is that every item is unique and because of its flexible properties, glass is bent to the will of the craftsman. Another specialism of the Murano workshops is the inclusion of metal foil into the glass, called Aventurine, and many of the pieces carried by Kings of Chelsea exhibit this wonderful material. Glass reflects light beautifully and the metallic tones used by Cavalli as an addition to the manufacturing process means additional layers of depth and tone in these pieces. Roberto Cavalli himself was responsible for the “Corolla” vase which depicts in abstraction via the medium of clear or tortoiseshell glass the moment a water droplet hits the surface of the Venetian lagoon.

In Interior Design, accessories are often as important as the main pieces of furniture especially in terms of quality and creativity. The Murano pieces we are currently offering are superb examples of the craftsman’s art and were produced in very limited quantities, all signed by the brand as well as the manufacturer. Due to a showroom reconfiguration they are available at a very special price, giving the opportunity to add timeless design and the highest quality artisan manufacture to your own interiors.

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